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Here's my family... My wife Suzie and me, my stepson Tyler
and our two dogs, Max and Duncan


Hello, my name is Ron Burkett and I live near Birmingham, Alabama.
I enjoy various outdoor activities, including backpacking, hiking, climbing, rappelling and canoeing.
I also enjoy photography and recording video while I'm outdoors having fun.
Check out the links below for images and information concerning my exploits in the great outdoors!

Notice: Due to the graphics contained in the following sites, some patience may be required...

 Rope up!  See what it takes to climb the country's most famous mountain.
Information about equipment, training and the mountain itself.
Follow my preparations from the day I decide to go, then read my trip report for a detailed account of
RMI's 5-day mountaineering seminar and summit attempt on Washington's Mount Rainier.
Belay On!

Visit my photo gallery for images from various trips around the country.
A-camping we will go!

Here's a collection of Trip Reports from selected trips. 
(Award winning!, see below)
Vicarious Adventures!

A life long interest in woodworking has finally come to the surface
and manifest itself in a few projects over the past couple of years, take a look

Let's make some sawdust!

Another hobby of mine is Model Rocketry. Take a look at some high-powered photos!
Blast Off!

Up for a little light reading? Here's a collection of my favorite quotes and sayings
Words to live by...

After touring my site, if you have any comments, questions or suggestions, hit the button
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This site was last updated April 22, 2005

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