Here are some of my woodworking projects:


Potting Bench - pressure treated pine, half lap joinery, glued-up panels of
1 x 6's for top, bottom shelf and "backsplash". Hand engraved and painted artwork.


Study Table - My wife said "build me a small desk, simple
quick and cheap". This is what I came up with. It's 100% MDF
and I built it in a weekend.


Assembly Table - Surface size is 48" x 96", substrate is 3/4" MDF, surface is laminate, edged with Red Oak.
Frame is construction grade pine 2 x 4's, mortise and tenon joinery, 
legs are glue-laminated 3/4" ply and fold away for storage.


Case O' Shelves - Here is a case of shelves built for my wife's sewing room in our basement we're finishing.
Material is 3/4 sandeply, joinery is rabbets on the ends and dados 
for the shelves and dividers. 8ft h X 4ft w X 11 3/4" deep and mounts against the wall.
This is unfinished, before it was painted purple!


Power Cabinet - I built this cabinet (again in our basement we're finishing) to hide the
unsightly breaker box, and decided to add some shelves for more storage. 
It's basically just a front and one side, and is mounted to the wall, floor to ceiling.
It is built of maple veneered plywood, assembled with biscuits, stained with mahogany stain and finished with wipe-on poly.


Bookcase - Yep, this is in the basement too. When I built this wall, I framed a hole in "my" side
(it separates my office-type room from my wife's hobby-type room) and built this bookcase to fit in the wall.
It's 24"w X 75"h X 12"d, built with maple veneered ply, dado and rabbet joinery, stained with mahogany stain and finished
with wipe-on poly to match the other cabinet in the same room. The face frame is made of poplar, joined to the case
with biscuits and painted black.

Kitchen Work Center - The base is solid poplar, joined with mortise and tenon joinery, top is hard maple arranged in
butcher block fashion. The diamond shaped piece in the top is a piece of granite 1 3/16 inch thick 
and inlayed flush with the surface of the top, which is 1 1/2 inches thick.


Shaker Step Stool - Constructed of poplar, sides and braces joined with half-dovetails
(back brace full dovetail), treads biscuited in place, stained with red mahogany stain 
and topcoated with polyurethane.


I finally got a planer. Every good planer deserves a stand, and what a better use of the planer than to reclaim some used-to-be stair treads to build the stand. Below are some "before", "during" and "after" photos of the process.

The old treads "before"

After being resawn, ripped to width and planed

The new planer on it's new stand

Here's a close-up of the wheel assembly on the stand. I borrowed the idea from "Norm" and added some springs to ensure the wheels re-engage. When you place the stand, just lift the end and pull a string and the wheels fold up, then when you're ready to move, just lift the end one inch and the wheels snap back down and lock in place. It works great!

Gear up, the stand sits squarely on the floor Gear down, ready to roll


End Table - Constructed of European Beech, mortise and tenon joinery on the legs to aprons, dowels 
used to join the shelf stretchers. Picture on left is unfinished, on right after being stained with a 1:1 mixture of
Jacobean and Early American stain, then topcoated with satin finish brushing lacquer.


Childs's Coat Rack - Solid poplar, mortise and tenon joinery on the legs.


Vanity Stool - Red oak, mortise and tenon joinery, stained with Honey Pecan stain.


Bathroom Cabinet - Frame and panel construction, poplar frames, sandeply panels.
66" high x 18" wide x 14' deep


Turn-Table - I built this for my wife to paint chairs on. The frame is reclaimed pine stairtreads
and the top is MDF with a few coats of oil-based poly on it. That's a pull-out shelf in the side


Table with drawer - Built of aspen, stained with medium brown dye stain
and topcoated with oil-based poly










Party Tables - My wife wanted some small tables for extra space when entertaining,
so I made these, they are 15" x 30" and 100% MDF.

Bench with storage - Constructed of red oak ply and solid red oak, 
stained with Golden Oak stain and topcoated with oil-based polyurethane.
Dado and rabbet joinery for the carcase, biscuits join the solid
banding to the case around the top and bottom. 









(Another) Table with drawer - Built of poplar, stained with red mahogany stain and topcoated
with oil-based polyurethane


Printer Cabinet  - Constructed of Birch ply and solid poplar, shop-made cove molding on the top and base,
100 lb capacity full extension pull out shelf, drawer for paper storage.

Blanket Chest - Solid poplar, false drawers, breadboard ends on the lid, cedar lined. 
I cut the cove in the base molding using oblique cutting on the table saw. 
Finish is Minwax Red Mahogany Oil-based stain and then Transtint medium brown water-based
dye stain to take some of the red out. Oil-based polyurethane is the top coat.


Rocking Horse - Constructed of White Ash, the body is stained with Olympic Antique Cherry 
oil based stain, the saddle is stained with Transtint Dark Walnut analine dye. 
Oil based polyurethane is the top coat. The bridle and rein is genuine leather. 
Plans are available here.

Bedside Steps - Constructed of red oak, stained with Minwax Golden Oak stain, 
topcoated with oil-based polyurethane.

Demilune Table - Constructed or poplar, painted black and lightly distressed. The curved apron
was achieved via glue lamination of 6 1/8" layers to make it 3/4" thick.


Set of Tables - Cocktail table, end tables and a demilune table.
Constructed of soft maple, frame and panels for the case-type tables. Drawer fronts are dovetailed to the sides.
Finish is medium brown aniline dye, then golden oak oil based stain over that. Topcoat is oil based polyurethane.
The top and shelf of the demilune table are tiger maple. 

Cocktail table

End tables

Demilune table

The complete set

Mini Bar - birch ply and poplar solids. Painted black and lightly distressed. 

Entertainment Armoire - Soft Maple and birch ply. Finish is medium brown aniline dye 
and golden oak stain over that, topcoated with satin poly.


Shop Assistant
- "Duncan". Weight 96.4 lbs, frame is canine calcium,
joinery is mostly ligament and tendon. Finish coat is high gloss, hand-rubbed natural oil, weatherproof.

Shop assistant's apprentice - "Rayne". Weight is 37 lbs. Construction and finish is consistent with
that of assistant, except topcoat is blonde.


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