Rocky Mountain National Park


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Owen and me above the Peacock Pool en route to Chasm Lake
Photo by Owen Parker

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Owen and me en route to Hallet Peak (background)

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Me on the edge of the Tyndall Glacier
(Hallet Peak in background)      

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Hallet Peak as viewed from Estes Park

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Some flowers in a field in Estes Park

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Long's Peak in alpenglow as viewed from The Boulderfield
(For a trip report and more pictures from a climb, go to Trip Reports)

Alberta Falls

The Loch
(That's Andrews Glacier and Andrews Pass just right of center)

Timberline Falls

Sky Pond
(The three prominent spires in the background are
The Sharkstooth, Petite Grepon and the Sabre)

 Owen and me at the base of Andrews Glacier

A tributary to Andrews Creek

Aspen showing the first touches of Autumn

Loch Vale Creek

We enjoy a lunch break atop Mt Chapin - 12,454 ft

On the flanks of Mt Chapin
(Mt Chiquita in the background)

Hey! Who you callin' a nut?

We met a very friendly squirrel near Ouzel Falls

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