Great Smoky Mountains National Park


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My camping buds and me on the Gregory Ridge Trail
(From left: Kyle, Skip, Me, Owen)


azaleas.jpg (18517 bytes)

Skip and me waist-deep in wild Azaleas atop Gregory Bald
(Cades Cove in background)


arch.jpg (59912 bytes)

Ascending through Arch Rock on the Alum Cave Bluff Trail


alumfun.jpg (58440 bytes)

A little photographic "phun" at Alum Cave Bluff


cabin.jpg (72155 bytes)

Our "Home Sweet Home" during our stay at Mt LeConte Lodge


sunset.jpg (8129 bytes)

A "must see", the sunset from Cliff Tops on Mt LeConte


Let's make tracks...

Skip and me at Newfound Gap about to head
for Charlie's Bunion on New Year's Day '99


Walkin' in a...

It was a "Winter Wonderland"


I think I can see tomorrow!

Standing atop "Charlie's Bunion"

For more pictures and information about Mt LeConte Lodge,
visit Skip's Page

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