Sipsey Wilderness Area


bigtree.jpg (37576 bytes)

Standing by the largest tree in Alabama -
A 500 + year old Yellow Poplar

prkrfls.jpg (28787 bytes)

Parker Falls

ronrap.jpg (24755 bytes)

Rappelling by one of the many
waterfalls in the area


Let's go!

My "always ready to go" hiking buddy, Max

Hey, Ya'll...

One of the local residents

maple.jpg (17597 bytes)

A young Maple tree experiences it's first Autumn

sip_dbl_fls.jpg (56321 bytes)

Another of the area's beautiful falls

Wow! Check out this "ice volcano" that formed at the base of a waterfall
after many nights of sub-freezing temps

Group shot of us standing by the ice build-up, it was way cool!


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