Mount Rainier National Park
RMI Mountaineering Seminar and summit attempt


"Hey, ain't there a big ol' mountain around here somewhere?

Starting off from Paradise, hup hup!

"Yeah Ron, turn around"

View from the Muir Snowfield, the mountain finally shows itself

...and we had 23 people in this thing?

Standing in front of the RMI Bunkhouse
(The Butler Shelter in the background)

"What do you mean, knothead?"

Knot class in the bunkhouse (Yes, it was always this crowded)

"Oh not much, just hangin' around..."

My turn to be the "victim" for crevasse rescue

Just say NO to crack

C'mon guys! Almost out...

Behold, the gift of another day...

A spectacular sunrise behind Little Tahoma Peak as we venture onto the Emmons Glacier

Right this way, folks

Our teams negotiating through yawning crevasses
on the Emmons Glacier. Note Mt Adams in the background.

Hey Ron, cool helmet, dude

Me at our break on the Ingraham Flats during our descent

52 miles away

Mt Saint Helens as seen from Camp Muir


A little ice climbing anyone?

iceclmb.jpg (20786 bytes)

Photo taken by another climber as I was climbing out

me4.jpg (18760 bytes)

Me at Camp Muir with Mt Adams and Mt Saint Helens in background


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