Le Conte Lodge, Great Smoky Mountains

stream.jpg (40402 bytes)
A neat little mountain stream among many in the
Great Smoky Mountains.


hikeup.jpg (54909 bytes)
Hiking up the trail with the guys.
Skip, Ron, Kyle, Owen (Me)


view.jpg (47928 bytes)
A nice Smoky Mountain view along the way.
Photos are excellent excuses to take a break.


leconte.jpg (31461 bytes)
A slightly under exposed picture of our destination.
To be precise, the dining room of our destination.


dining.jpg (39089 bytes)
A look inside the dining room.
The best camp-food we ever ate!


social.jpg (43480 bytes)
The gathering spot for the "in-crowd" at the  main lodge.
Also, the only gathering spot at the main lodge.


home.jpg (48728 bytes)
Waiting in line for the out-house.
Actually, it was our home. That's the cabin we stayed in.


sunset.jpg (19527 bytes)
The official, required sunset photo from the Cliff Tops.
Everyday a parade of tired hikers hike up just a little higher
to see the show. Never the same twice and worth the effort.

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